gelernte Tänze 2018
Lightning Polka Rock A Paper Sissor Party Train
gelernte Tänze 2017
All Katchi All Night She´s Gone Blue aint your Color
Booze Cruise Rockabye Baby CT Shuffle
Come on Closer Believe Again Another Crazy Year
Shady Pieses Tango with my Darling
Sun Will Rise Nobody But Me Loneley Girl
Save the Day Fall in Love Put the Gun Down
Gig Your Heels Clap Clap Clap Italiano
Dy Na Mit The Violin Shape of You
Bad Ideas No Roots (Drescher) Look Good Again
Call Me Crazy Bored Slowly Gently Softly (SGS)
Clap Snap Loneley Drum Lovuma
Trudy I´m Already Gone Save Me Tonight
 Dancing in the Dark Missing Somebody Like You (WDH)
gelernte Tänze 2016
Reality Jamboree Boys Like You
The Bite Point of No Return Point of Resuce
Come on Down The Queen Show Me the Way
Loneley Girl Save To Say Porushka Pyranija
Make This Day  Pop Emergency Your Fade Away
Second Hand Heart  Ex´s and Oh´s Handclap
Curious Girl  Mira Sofia Woman Up
Kid Rock Alabama  We Went Scheißtanz
Nobody But Me  El Perdon Corazone Diamante
Bush Party Try Everything Fireflies
Take me To the River CT Shuffle My Middle Name
gelernte Tänze 2013
 I Believe, I Believe, I Believe Town of Hope  Heart of an Angel
 Runaway Train Driven  If the World
 Wave on Wave Zjoozzys Funk  Under the Sun
 Tush Push Toes  The Gambler
 South Of santa Fe 16 Step  Something in the Water
 Side by Side Shoop  Shakin Mix
 Rose A Lee Cowboy Dreams  Home on the Range
 Crazy Foot Mambo Country Walkin  Dizzy
 Country 2 Step WCS  
 Chill Faktor    
 Canadion Stomp WCS  
 Cabo San Lucas Cuban  
 Bosa Nova Cuban  
 Black Coffee WCS  
The Closer Polka  
 Billys Dance WCS  
 Askin Questions WCS  
 Made in USA ECS  
 Amame Cuban  
 Bumpy Ride Funky  
 Burning Love ECS  
 Bomshel Stomp WCS  
 Jumping Up ECS  
 Rhyme or Reason WCS  
 Follow Your Arrow WCS  
 Hey Brother Funky  
 Whiskey Wishes ECS  
 Silver Lining WCS  
 The Fox Linedance Funky  
 Mini Barrel ECS  
 Pride in Me WCS  
 On the Double Polka  
gelernte Tänze 2014
 United States  WCS  
 Home NC2S  
 The Beast Funky  
 Joyride  WCS  
 Timber  WCS  
 Down  WCS  
 Wishfull Thinking TX2S  
 Swietie NC2S  
 Put the gun Down  WCS  
 Notice the Dancer Funky  
 Stranger  WCS  
Fly High  WCS  
 Rain Againist my  Windows  WCS  
Can you fell the love Tonight N2CS  
Mama Loo  WCS  
Obsession Cuban  
Fall in Love  WCS  
Ritmo  WCS  
Raggle Taggle Gypsy Nove...  
Human  WCS  
Travelin  ECS  
I Still Believe N2CS  
The Boat to Liverpool Novel.  
Wagon Wheel Rock Nove...  
Lona Moon Cuban  
Summer Fiesta Cuban  
Walk of Fame  WCS  
Country Roads  ECS  
Jump in the Line  WCS  
Gin & Tonic  WCS  
Devil in Degusia Nove...  
Alcazar  WCS  
When i Find Love  WCS  
Remember When N2CS  
Banks of Ohio  WCS  
Dance to the Violine Nove..  
Amore del Hielo Cuban  
 Say Geronimo    
 Old Horses Dance  WCS  
 Bye Bye (Picollisima)  Cuban  
 Old Flames R & F  
gelernte Tänze 2015
We only life once  Novelety  
Slow Burn    WCS  
Go Go Go  Novelety  
Rock & Roll Linedance  ECS  
Hillbilly Girl  WCS  
My Love  R & F  
Go Grease Lightning  Novelety  
Like A Rose for2  Novis  
Darling hold my Hand  TX2St  
Thats Up    
Breake me Up    
Cheerleaders  2 Step  
Travelin Musik  ECS  
I Love It  Funky  
Summertime Love  TX2St  
Modern Romance  Novelety  
Eureka  Cuban  
CCS  Cuban  
Twist and Turns TX2St  
Tag On Two Step  
Shut Up and Dance.. Funky  

And get it On


Sadies Dress TX2St  
Photograph Novelety  
Second Hand Heart Novelety  
Aint Misbehavin Funky